You’re on the Verge of Something Big.

In the first book of the series, Dr. Daya speaks to a process of peaceful protest: an inner shift that allows for love, compassion, joy, peace and gratitude to make its way outward….authentically.


“Dr. Roshni Daya addresses a complex topic with ease and simplicity. The journey towards our own self discovery can be a daunting task. Her wisdom shines through and makes it possible for us all to engage with confidence and commitment”

— Dr. Badri Rickhi, Research Chair, CINIM, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary.



What if there was a concrete way to let go of the guilt, worry, and inner turmoil that endlessly assails you? What if you could follow specific steps to tap into the real change you crave? What if you were to discover an ancient predator living inside you, a powerful presence that can be taught to work for and not against you?

With clarity and compassion, You’re on the Verge of Something Big reveals how anyone can discover and unlock the joy, authenticity and peace already within. Using the unique metaphor of the sabre tooth tiger, Dr. Roshni Daya explains how this predator foe has moved from the real, primitive world to take up residence in each of us, where it continues to inform our assumptions and distract us from our own authentic joy, sorrow, sadness, fear, pain and love.

Dr. Daya lays down a path everyone can follow to reclaim the true self patiently waiting to be discovered and show us how, through restoring our capacity for love, we collectively can build a peaceful, loving humanity in the world.


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Dr. Roshni Daya

As an Author, Speaker and Leader who has been guiding people through Connection, Empowerment and Transformation.

Years of work and engagement with people through her successful psychology practice, led Dr. Daya to profound experiences and an upending of belief and philosophy about how people can awaken to a more abundant depth of life.

Now as Wisdom Teacher, with clarity and compassion, Dr. Daya reveals her expertise and experience through her new area of work and her new series of books.

These books don't have a sexy message; they are not a quick fix. They do not sell wealth, beauty, fame or romance. What they do is offer a new way of experiencing life that requires you to face where you are and what you have as a starting point.

Life is a process without outcomes. It is a journey to understanding that there is richer, fuller lived experience that lies within each of us. We are each on the verge of something very, very big.